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Edelhaus' Code of Honor
CH Edelhaus' Prince of Albastaff,OFA TT
INT,CH Edelhaus' Queen-B Of Braveheart ofa
CH Edelhaus' Artic Angel ofa
Edelhaus' Matta Hari ofa
CH Albastaff Highland Prince At Donellas, Eng Imp
Shannara's Holy Terra, OFA
CH Enya
Carol Patterson, Edelhaus Kennels
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Shelly Dunn
CH Erwin is a wonderful example of true stafford
temperament and English type. He is a strong, outgoing
boy who loves children and other female dogs, but will put
an end to any rat or snake on the farm.
Powder is a stocky girl with very kind eyes and a     
sweet smile. She is the mom to Angel and a great
play mate to Erwin, her favorite man on the
campus. Powder has been spayed after her second
litter by c-section. We never do more than 2
c-sections on any of our dogs for their safety.
What can we say about our wild woman? She is one of
my favorite gals and a daughter to CH Iceman, one of
my all time favorite staffy boys belonging to Diane
Pegram our handler and good friend. Tuckalena is
irreplacible to our family and very special to me in so
many ways. She is truly wild at heart and gentle of
Angel-that is what she is! A sweet angel from heaven.
You won't find a kinder, more gentle soul than little
Angel baby. She is all the kids favorite nite time bed bug,
not to mention a great show girl!
Matty is sweet and non animal agressive. She gets along
with everyone and loves all her canine friends. She is  
built like a brick house, but gentle as a lamb.
Matty will continue to prepare for therapy work &
will hit the show ring next year.
Below are our foundation staffys. They are all retired, but forever loved.
Thank you Tom & Kari for letting Charlie join your family.
Charlie is a happy-go-lucky fellow who loves everyone. His
sire is a UK Import and AKC champion with
excellent lines.
Chomper is truly my favorite staffy of all times
she will always remain in my heart.

I believe there was nothing that she wouldn't
do for me if it was in her power to do so.

She was my guardian angel in dog form
35lbs of pure dynamite , with the
heart of a true soldier . Her daughter carries on
her legacy and she will never be forgotten.
Rocky  must have been the happiest staffy
I have ever owned , he carried a smile to
share with the whole world and never met
anyone he wouldn't give some love to.

He will remain in the bloodlines I have chosen
to breed for so many reasons but in our hearts
for a life time.
Enya my sweetheart what a living doll she
was a powerful girl with such a gentle way
with small children.

I believe she was the true nanny dog .
She will always remain in our hearts.
Cody's is sired by BISS,CH 1# Muli times
English import, CH Prada classic
Aranisle   at Donnellas x CH
Edelhaus'Artic Angle